Behind the Wall


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Behind the Wall 

So what does Spruce do? What can I do with Spruce? We hear these questions a lot, and because Spruce does a lot, it is hard to answer.Simply put, Spruce can do a lot of the voodoo you want to do.Not sure what precisely is the voodoo that you want to do- maybe a quick tour behind the wall will help free up some mental juice.

First, you need to sign up- go to and click on "Join Now" to the page that looks like this.Call me 205-383-1811 if it does not work for you; I am happy to walk you through it.

Once you click on SIGN UP, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions.  Click on it when you get it, but relax- you can access the site immediately, and after you log in this is what your dashboard will look like for creating your new apps:

Give your app a name.  You can create up to ten apps, so you will want this for your own internal organization.  It may be “Office App” or “Directory App”.  Don’t over think this one; it is just for use on the dashboard.

Give your app a title on the header.   This one shows up on your iPad display, so it will be something your end users notice.  Your company name is pretty common here.

Now, let’s take a brief time out.  Begin to think about the pictures, video and pdfs you will want to add.  You can always come back, but in order to access them, you need them uploaded in your library.  See the screenshot below.  Thus, to add your logo, you need to click on images to upload it to your media files.

Then upload your image from this page.

Now click on Add Logo and choose your logo.

Now add color to your app. You can add color to the background, text and header.

Now you are ready to add text to the home screen of the app. Click on Add body text.

Add your message.

Remember to click on Create Section.

You are now ready to add sections to your app. There are seven types of sections you can add:

Email Form – can be used for signing up, sending messages, package delivery, virtual assistant, etc.

Directory – There are many uses for the directory section. You can add a directory of people, schedule an event, display a catalog, display a location directory or use the blank form to create your own.

Single Image – This is usually a photograph or image.

Image Gallery – A collection of images for display.

Text – Any text document can be displayed.

PDF Viewer – Displays a PDF for viewing.

Video – Add a video for display.

Click on Add Section and choose from the above options.

Add an Email Form Section.

Add a PDF for viewing. Upload the PDF to your media as directed in the “Add a Logo” section.

And you will get these results.

Add a directory with a schedule for an event.

Customize what details appear and create the event information to be displayed.

Add an Image gallery or one single photo.

Upload all images to your media file and select photos to appear in the image gallery or single image viewer.

Add a text Section.

Add another directory for employees.

Customize the fields to display for each directory.

Add the information on each person.

So now that you know how to do it and have seen how to do it, you are ready to get started.  So get in there and go.  And if it is price you are worried about, no worries.  Email me at before October 1, 2014 and we will give you the first month free (and you can cancel at anytime).

Best Mike