Spruce Plus


Spruce Plus

Spruce is awesome.  Maybe a little too awesome.  Your iPad can be used in so many ways that some people just do not know where to start.  Fret no more.

Spruce has created the Spruce Plus program.  Spruce Plus allows users to access Spruce more quickly and easily.  First, we will initially configure your Spruce account for you.  Let us know what you are looking for and we can create an app consistent with your typical business’ or organization’s needs.

After the first configuration, which is free, we can help you as little or as much as you like.  Some customers like to take it and run.  That’s great.  Some customers need us to help them reach their full potential.  That’s great too.  Some customers want to do all kinds of stuff that not even Spruce in all its power can do.  That’s great as well.  We can help.  We have Spruce configuration specialist at the ready at a low hourly cost.  Using our development team, Motion Mobs, we can create even more incredible custom applications.

We can help with hardware as well and will advise on equipment and hardware purchases at cost.   We can help with set up and installation, customized to your location and need.  Just tell us what you are looking for.

We have over two years’ experience in kiosk as iPad set ups. (Seriously, that sounds short but people have not been doing this for long.)  Our Spruce Plus team is at the ready?

Interested in getting started?

Email or call:

Mike Goodrich   205-383-1811     mike@getspruceapps.com

Ponya Parks        205-383-2296     ponya@getspruceapps.com


Help get your mind right- Have these questions ready.

Things to think about with your iPad display:

Do you want your keep your iPad in your possession (flexible) or static?

What do you want your iPad to do?

Who is your iPad targeted to?

What information and interactivity do you want?