How Meetings Powered by Spruce Can Help You

I accrue paper like nobody’s business – receipts, unfinished to-do lists, notes from my son’s school. I’m the person on the street who feels rude turning down the guy with flyers, and I don’t want to throw them away where he can see me, so I’ve usually got a couple of those in my purse, too.

I am awash in paper. We all are. How many notes have you filed away “just in case” that only take up valuable drawer space? Is there anything worthwhile in the junk drawer in your kitchen? How much of your mail do you actually read?

Luckily, technology means that we no longer have to be awash in paper, and there are few spaces that is more appreciated than meetings. Thanks to Meetings powered by Spruce, we can eliminate agendas, handouts and catalogs. We don’t need pictures of the company retreat to Sacramento. We can digitize all of these collateral materials and save ourselves, our co-workers and our clients valuable time and resources.

Meetings powered by Spruce saves trees, and they make sense. To see how vital mobile technology for meetings could be to your business, let’s examine a couple of scenarios:

Scenario A:

You meet with a potential client and hand him a brochure outlying your company values, a catalog of products and a pricing sheet. Over lunch, you talk about all that your company has to offer while your potential client browses the materials trying to absorb what you’re saying, what he’s reading and finish a meal.

When the potential client leaves the meeting, he is overwhelmed and puts all of those materials in his car, intending to get to them later when he has time. However, the papers are bulky, and they stay in his car while you sit by the phone waiting on a call.

Scenario B:

You build a Meeting powered by Spruce. A few weeks ahead of your scheduled lunch, you upload information about your company, your catalog and a pricing sheet to the Spruce dashboard. You also include your company logo and your contact information. A few days before the meeting, you share the meeting via a secure passcode with your potential client. The client reviews those materials before he meets with you.

As a result, your conversation is targeted and addresses the client’s specific needs. You can clarify questions he has and tailor the meeting to his business.

When the potential client leaves the meeting, he plans to review the materials once again when he has time, and he actually does. Because the information is available on his iPad or iPhone, your potential client can look over the materials again while he waits at the doctor’s office or is in the carpool lane at his kid’s school. The client calls back and wants to take the next step.

With Meetings powered by Spruce, you've made a sale, and no one’s junk drawer is any worse for wear.