Meaningful Meetings

Here at Spruce we are constantly trying to help build great teams and great organizations.  Being effective and efficient is usually easier as an individual than as a team, but here is the great paradox - you need teams to win.  Whether it is business or a sport, you need a great team to succeed.  Additionally, from time to time you need to have a meeting.  You all have to be together in the same room.  From the amount of grumbling, you would think meeting is a four letter word.

We recent came across an article by Kwame Salter, a Linked in “Influencer” that got us to thinking:

He lists four types of meetings:

1. Planning

2. Calibration

3. Informational

4. Motivational


Generally, I think these are right, but I would go a little further.  If you set the purpose, you can usually set the tone and agenda and get the right people.  These terms are a little vague.  There are several types of planning meetings.  But it is a good start.