Laurel Mills

How Meetings Powered by Spruce Can Help You

I accrue paper like nobody’s business – receipts, unfinished to-do lists, notes from my son’s school. I’m the person on the street who feels rude turning down the guy with flyers, and I don’t want to throw them away where he can see me, so I’ve usually got a couple of those in my purse, too.

I am awash in paper. We all are. How many notes have you filed away “just in case” that only take up valuable drawer space? Is there anything worthwhile in the junk drawer in your kitchen? How much of your mail do you actually read?

How to Use Directory Powered by Spruce Can Grow Your Business

It's an old adage, but it rings true across a variety of industries: It's not what you know, it's who you know.

Whether you're working in the non-profit or for-profit sector, it's vital to keep a list of potential clients or donors on hand. With Directory powered by Spruce, you can easily share information about people across a company, sales team or board to better facilitate meetings and help team members target good fits for your organization.

Here's how to build a directory and get the right information in the right hands for business growth:

3 Benefits of a Mobile Employee Directory

When building a website for an academic department, I used a form to get information for online bios. One of the fields I asked people to fill out was "office number" (which was the physical address of the office and clearly differentiated from the "office phone number"). While I was sitting in my office, paring down a long list of another faculty member's publications, I got a phone call from a confused faculty member.

"What is this office number that you're asking for?"

"It's the number on your office door," I said. "So students can find you." (Admittedly, there are are benefits to not being able to be found by students, but most professors are contractually obligated to interact with them.)