Spruce...let's get started

By now you have hopefully had a chance to look at the website, check out the video, and see and hear a little something about this great product.  We are excited about Spruce and hope you are as well.  Spruce is a great productivity platform, and we look forward to hearing, learning and seeing about all the great and unique things done with Spruce.

As we wait with anticipation for Spruce’s launch, we wanted to take a step back and speak to why we started Spruce.  Simply put, we think there is more.  We think a lot more uses exist for tablet computers then even we can contemplate.  We think that we have only scratched the surface of the power of mobile computing.  We think that the tablet can do more for organizations.  We think we can do more for organizations by making a platform that is accessible to the non- tech person. 

By enabling individuals to create private apps, we are enabling organizations to do more.  Spruce is a powerful productivity platform for businesses, non-profits, churches, families and any other organization.  Spruce lets individuals use their tablets to make their respective organizations better; that dynamic is freeing, powerful and exciting.

Spruce is at the intersection of the mobile app and internet-everywhere movements.  However, unlike other products on the market, Spruce lets you do what you need and want to do- not what someone else wants you to do.  By creating private apps, you can refine your own organizations processes- whether that is sales, work flow, internal communications, or operational process.  You can do this professionally and without the cost and hassle of expensive graphic design or software development.  With Spruce, your Ipad can more easily be used to engage an audience and create better interaction within your organization (regardless of what type of organization).

And of course we have more to do with Spruce.  We know there are a lot more features, more ways to create and more ways to grow, but we want you to be involved in that.  Let us know what you want.  As with any product, sometime you can do that, sometime you can’t.  But we look forward to hearing from you.



Mike Goodrich




Taylor Peake Wyatt