This is How I Spruce

In 1987 we purchased our first Apple computer. The blinking cursor and Apple commands were awesome. My daughter was a baby, and I was interested in genealogy research. While she napped, I would pour through the bulletin boards searching for my relatives. This new technology was amazingly fun and easy.

Flash forward to 2014 …

Over the years, I have learned just enough to get by, or to be extremely dangerous, when it comes to technology.  I love the challenge of a new device and the ability to find an app for just about anything. Never would I have imagined that I could actually develop private apps for business, home or volunteering. But with the help of Spruce, I can proudly say that I DID IT!

Spruce is a new, cost effective product that allows individuals and businesses to use iPads and iPhones to create private apps to increase productivity.

As the office administrator for Red Mountain Law Group in Birmingham, Ala., I thought we should have a virtual assistant up front in the event that our receptionist was away from her desk. I wanted an app to greet and help clients and guests in our law offices.

Our app will notify us with an email if someone is up front in need of assistance. Users can also learn more about our law group and can peruse our directory of attorneys. If UPS or FedEx arrive, they can simply click “Leave a Package” and it will notify us of the package via email.

I created the app in less than 15 minutes with Spruce. I have since gone back and revised a few things and spent even more time, not because it was necessary, but because I was having fun. It can take as little as 15 minutes, but if you are like me, you might get caught up in the fun and spend even more time as you learn and create.

Spruce has proven to be amazingly fun and easy.

Back to 1987 … what’s an app?

Ponya Parks

Red Mountain Law Group