Spruce Creates Free #FREEUAB App Following Legislative Efforts

We’ve had a lot of excitement surrounding the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the last few months.

Our basketball team broke everybody’s bracket, including Obama. UAB’s President, Ray Watts, has become the most unpopular man in the community. There are dozens of local and national articles dedicated to exposing the dirty politics, closed door meetings, and strategic planning that accumulated in disbanding UAB football. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but it’s important the community is able to grow and move forward, together.

I’ll personally say that, as a UAB alumni (Go Blazers!), disbanding the UAB football team points to a larger issue. UAB owes a great debt to the players and their families for how poorly this was handled. It also shows that UAB will never reach its full potential with a board solely invested in Tuscaloosa’s interest. UAB should have their own governing board of trustees. Mike, my partner in Spruce, wrote an excellent article outlining the issue.

This is a personal issue to us, because we’re invested in Birmingham. We’re proud to see our community standing up to let their concerns be heard.  

We’ve been closely monitoring legislative efforts dedicated to helping UAB. We’ve created a #FREEUAB Spruce App, so you can stay up-to-date with those efforts. http://dashboard.getspruceapps.com/link/e89df7d252d237ea

To access, download our Spruce Viewer app for your iPhone or iPad (currently only available for iOS). Then, follow this link on your mobile device.

It’s free to download and use. If you have any recommended additions, contact us at info@getspruceapps.com


Photo by Max Wolfe.