Spruce Q & A - General

Spruce Q & A general topics are addressed below.

General Questions

 Q: Will Spruce be available for Android devices in the future?

 A: Yes, we do have a plan for Android devices and we are working on it.  We released the iPhone application at the end of December and recently launched the latest update with the passcode just a couple of weeks ago.  So, we just finished that process and the next step we want to achieve is developing compatible software for Android.

 Q: When you are introducing new people such as new board members to the Spruce app, do they then have to pay for the app?

 A: They do not.  Anybody that you share the app with has free access to it.  You can share it with as many people as you want.  The $10 a month subscription gets you access to the dashboard and allows you to create the application.  Spruce is free to download, but you will not have access to the applications until someone sends you a passcode or you purchase a subscription.

 Q: How do the passcodes work?

 A: Everything on the dashboard is very secure and controlled strictly by a passcode.  Everything that’s on the application you can keep as secure as you want to.  Let’s say you want to share slightly different materials with two different people on your team while essentially drawing from the same meeting.  You would create a passcode and send it to one person.  Then you would create a different passcode, remove or add the selected information and send that passcode to the other person.  Passcodes help to make things more private.

 You can also set passcodes to expire after a certain point.  I would recommend, with any meeting, adding an expiration date.  You can always come back to the dashboard and create another passcode.  It’s as easy as clicking the ‘delete’ button to remove passcodes and clicking ‘create’ to create a new one.

 Q: Do you have to have an active data or internet connection at all times to use Spruce?

 A: No you do not, and that’s one of the major benefits of Spruce.  To download the app you must have an active internet or data connection.  But for example, if you are going to visit a client and you are not sure if there will be an internet connection or even a 4G or LTE data connection, you can already have your materials preloaded on the Spruce app.  Of course, you would have to have an active connection if you wanted to update the app in real time.

 Q: Even if it’s a video?

 A: Even a video.  If you load it onto Spruce it’s ok to access anywhere at anytime.

 Q: I’m confused.  Are Meetings and Directory the same thing or are they different?  What’s the point of Spruce?

A: Directory and Meetings are two completely different products.  They are all running on the same platform (Spruce) but they are different subscriptions and they are managed separately.  You would have a different dashboard for Meetings as you would with Directory.  The separate media libraries will show different materials and do not intersect.  If you were to update and share information on Meetings then that action would not be reciprocated on the Directory app and vice versa.  Each must be managed separately.  Security is the main reason for this divide.  It also helps to keep things a little bit cleaner and smoother.

Q: Is there a free trial period that I could use to test out the dashboard?

A: Yes.  No credit card is required to begin your 14 day free trial.  This will give you access to all the dashboard features and walk you through the process of setting up your Meetings and/or Directory applications.

 Q: Where did you get the name Spruce?

A: I’m a big tree fan.  Green is good.