Directory by Spruce Q & A

Spruce Q & A Directory topics are addressed below.

Directory Powered by Spruce

 Q: When you build your Directory on Spruce, can you dial your contacts’ numbers the way you would on your phone contacts list?

 A: Yes.  Directory is designed to feel and operate like the contacts list on your phone.  In your personalized Directory if you would like to call a contact all you do is push their number and it will dial them straight away.

 Q: Email too?

 A: Yes.  Click on your preferred contact’s email address and you can email them as you would through your own email platform.

Q: Can you generate passcodes for the Directory as well?

 A: Yes.  It works the same way.  Choose whoever you’d like to share the directory with and send them the passcode link in an email.

Q: Can you share just one person or one contact?

 A: Only if you have added one person to one directory.  But, if you’d like to do that, it’s as easy as creating a new directory and adding one “item” or person and then sharing it.  To share a directory with someone, it’s as easy as clicking the “share” button on the screen.

 Q: Are there plans to have Meetings and Directory work in conjunction with one another?  Could I add a directory to a meeting app?

 A: Yes, you can do that now.  In Meetings, you can create a directory but it’s a little bit different; sort of like creating a catalogue.  You can also create two different apps: one that’s a meeting and one that’s a directory.  There are some functionalities that will overflow, but generally we would like to keep Meetings and Directory separate.  Our goal as a business is to keep creating new products and for those products to be stand alone products.  We want to make the best Meeting app and the best Directory app that we can make and not allow the two to be confused.