Introducing Meetings & Directory


Spruce is pleased to announce two new products, Directory and Meetings, are both available to the general public. You can now sign up at We are currently offering a free 14 day trial period, no credit card required. We hope you will take this opportunity to sign up and see how Spruce can help you and your team.




Meetings, powered by Spruce, provides groups and teams a simple and easy tool to facilitate meetings. The organizer prepares for the meeting through the online internet portal where the organizer can upload an agenda, create registration and feedback tools, and upload meeting collateral (PDFs, videos, and images). When complete, a digital meeting is created ready for use. 

With the meeting prepared, the organizer can share the meeting with the Spruce iPhone and iPad app. The Spruce app can be downloaded for free from Apple's App Store. The same Spruce app works for all products on the platform. The organizer can access their content through email address and password. Alternatively, the organizer can share a passcode, which allows participants free access. They simply download the free app and enter the code, or click a link in an email which the organizer sends.

Meetings, powered by Spruce, is designed as a simple meeting tool.   Ideal for business meetings, board meetings, sales meeting, internal client meetings and organizational meetings; the tool helps groups, teams and businesses have more effective, efficient and meaningful meetings.  Since an administrator has control, the collateral material is readily available. Organizers also control their meeting materials, giving organizers more security and more control, but in a simple, positive and proactive manner.


Directory, powered by Spruce, provides groups and teams a simple and easy directory tool to facilitate better contact information. With Directory, powered by Spruce, an organizer creates through an online portal and enters the contact information for all of the directory members. Fields, including an image, email, cell phone, and address are customized by the administrator to fit the needs of the group. Once created, the administrator can create passcodes on the dashboard to share the directory with employees or clients through the free Spruce iPhone and iPad app. 


Directory, powered by Spruce, gives offices, organizations and departments a simple and professional way to distribute internal contact information that stays separate from members’ personal contact lists. Far more accurate than outdated paper employee lists, Directory updates instantly on each user’s device as administrators manage the content to reflect group changes.



We hope you will take the time to sign up and get acquainted with Meetings and Directory.


Spruce, a platform that allows businesses to craft interactive apps to engage both employees and clients, worked closely with Birmingham early adopters and beta users this winter to discover the most effective ways creative clients were implementing it in their businesses. As a result of the client feedback, Spruce launched these two new products.