Setting the Tempo: Spruce as a Meeting Planner

For most, meetings are tedious, time consuming and inherently boring.  However, they can be incredibly useful; a corporate necessity designed to minimize confusion and maximize communication and overall productivity.  Staff members and employees dread the hours upon hours they spend on a weekly basis bordering a massive conference table, glued to wooden seats and occasionally nodding and smiling at an overindulgent team leader.  Meetings often have the tendency of becoming sterile and unengaging, leaving most employees wondering why they didn’t just take a sick day.  While Spruce cannot promise to extinguish boredom from an average work day, it can help to set the tone and tempo for any staff meeting.  For business meetings, Spruce acts as a smoother, more organized, and almost self-sustaining meeting/conference manager and overseer. 

 When it comes to planning a work meeting, Meetings Powered by Spruce is the perfect tool.  A planning oriented meeting requires a multitude of historical data, statistics, trends, etc.  Using this information, it is you and your team’s job to plan accordingly and make predictions so that your company or business can hopefully become more efficient, economical and lucrative.  Meetings Powered by Spruce can be easily accessed and organized online and on any iOS device.  Simply load your materials online at, download the app for your co-workers or colleagues and have all your information in one easy to reach place.  With each staff member signed in to the Spruce network, your own personalized meeting app can be updated in real time and accessed anywhere at any time using secure passwords.  Each individual can review these materials on their own device, share them with others in the moment or at a later date and even create multiple spaces for your other personal meeting apps. 

 Creating and organizing your meeting app takes a matter of minutes and is potentially invaluable in sustaining a business meeting environment that is rooted in brevity and efficiency, instead of clutter and redundancy.