Directory Powered by Spruce: Manage Your Business Contacts

As your business grows, so do the number of clients and colleagues.  It can be difficult to manage and maintain current employee information.  Even the most salient information can be misplaced, mismanaged or even misinterpreted.  Directory powered by Spruce allows you to include email addresses, phone numbers, pictures, job titles, and short bios; all of which can be internally controlled through the Spruce App and website.  Get rid of the out-of-date printed directory that seems to be lost every time you need it.  Instead, create multiple, uniform directories that can be accessed online or by any iOS device.

Spruce’s new Directory App can be used in a number of ways.  Creating open dialogue with your clients about co-workers is now more fluid than ever.  Set up an iPad and monitor kiosk to utilize the directory for your office reception area or front desk.  Clients can browse the directory and learn more about each employee, copy contact information and become more familiar with the person they wish to work with.  Directory also allows you to have quick and immediate access to your business contacts wherever you are.  Simply download the Spruce App on your iPhone or iPad and your businesses’ directories can be accessed anywhere.  This reference tool is great for growing businesses that need an organized, concise and up-to-date personnel contact list.

Directory is a great way to access up-to-date employee information fast.  Quickly upload your co-workers’ details to easily manage and update your business contacts.  Keeping employee and associate information in one place makes it easy to freely share and update your Directory in real time.  This convenient digital directory lets you create a more personable work environment and reduce confusion among employees and clients.  Use this intuitive App to build your own complete digital directory database and never be without important contact information.