Step One.

Upload, Build, and Manage your Meeting Online

Meetings powered by Spruce gives you access to a web dashboard.

Using the dashboard, you can create a customized meeting presentation which consists of an agenda and collateral material (pdfs, pictures, videos, and powerpoints).

Customize the app by adjusting the color, setting the order of sections, and much more. 

Step Two.

Publish your Meeting to iPhone and iPad Devices

Once you have created your custom meeting app online, publishing it to your iPhone or iPad is easy.

Download Spruce Apps for free. Use the same login you created on the dashboard to access all of your meeting presentations. You can update your meeting presentation from the dashboard any time. Any saved changes will update quickly on your devices.

Meetings is designed primarily for meetings between 2-10 people.

Step Three.

Share your Meeting with Clients, Colleagues, and Board Members  

With a Meetings subscription, administrators can easily create passcodes as well as the ability to access a specific meeting presentation, from the dashboard.

The dashboard allows admins to create passcodes with expiration dates and the ability to send the passcode (and the link to their meeting's custom app) to anyone via email.

Sharing for Meetings is designed to make it easy to collaborate with clients, co-workers, and board members.