Step One.

Build an Employee Directory

Is Joe's email still the same? Which one of these five numbers is correct? Is Jane from accounting in my phone? 

While you may have your team's contact information on your phone already, electronic contact solutions are full of issues. 

Use our web dashboard to easily create a list of professional contacts. 

Step Two.

Add Bios and Photos

Has your department hired new people recently? Who is that guy in the break room? How do familiarize your clients with colleagues in other departments?

Easily create a picture directory to help familiarize the team. Add their professional bios to share with clients. 


Step Three.

Share your Employee Directory with Clients and Colleagues

With a Directory subscription, administrators can easily create passcodes, or the ability to access a specific directory app, from the dashboard. The dashboard allows admins to create passcodes with expiration dates and the ability to send the passcode (and the link to their directory's custom app) to anyone via email.

Sharing for Directory is designed to make it easy to collaborate with clients, co-workers, and board members.